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Name: Mohammad Ismail Hossain
Occupation: Human Rights Activist, Writer, and Political Blogger.
Current residence: Europe
Permanent address: Sarabaria, Natopara, Kaliganj, Jhenaidaha, Bangladesh



  • CODE 377, published in Bangladesh by Alphabet Publishing House on 15/01/2020.

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  • India Just Repealed section 377, Bangladesh Need To Do Same Too, published in
    Bangladesh by the Weekly Rahassha Jagath on 20/11/2018, at pages 20-21.

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About Me & Redobd

I am Mohammad Ismail Hossain, born and raised in Bangladesh, but my journey has taken me beyond its borders, granting me insights into governance and media landscapes elsewhere. I am not affiliated with any political party as a registered or paid member. However, I harbour a deep-seated desire to witness Bangladesh thrive as a genuine democracy, free from the shackles of animosity and oppression.

I am a former gay now living a normal life in a heterosexual relationship. I tried to live as a gay and campaigned for LGBT rights in Bangladesh through my public works listed below. However, the threats to my life and work created a hostile environment for my safety. During this time I did a lot of soul searching and in the process met a beautiful female life partner who showed me another side of life. I am now very happy in my new journey and life as a heterosexual. However, that is not to say that I no longer want to see the laws criminalising gay activities in Bangladesh abolished. I must now leave this work for others to accomplish. However, I am proud of the contributions I made to this debate, despite the threats to my life from conservative Muslim Bangladesh. I want to use this space to inform the people of my country and those who are determined to do me harm that I am no longer a gay, and hope your judgement of my site and its contents will not be clouded by my past activities as a member of the LGBT group. 

REDOBD stemmed from my realisation of the controlled narrative perpetuated by Sheikh Hasina’s government, which suppresses dissenting voices and distorts the reality of governance.

Living outside Bangladesh provided me with a unique perspective, highlighting the stark contrast between international coverage of atrocities committed by the Awami League and the silenced truth within the country.

Witnessing the unjust fate of innocent opposition figures, falsely accused and executed, fuelled my determination to advocate for change. With the rise of the Awami League under Sheikh Hasina’s leadership, Bangladesh has garnered a reputation for authoritarian rule, prompting me to want to urge my fellow citizens to reclaim our nation before irreversible damage occurs.

Through my effort, I aim to educate and empower the youth and educated populace of Bangladesh, shedding light on the crimes of the Awami League and Sheikh Hasina, and mobilising them to safeguard the future of our country.

REDOBD is dedicated to reforming politics in Bangladesh in a manner that aligns with true democratic principles. Despite Bangladesh’s claim to democracy, REDOBD aims to demonstrate, through independent information, that the country, under the rule of the Awami League party led by Sheikh Hasina, has devolved into a dictatorship. Sheikh Hasina has manipulated democratic institutions to pursue a personal vendetta, targeting opposition leaders and members through methods such as executions, extrajudicial killings, and imprisonment in connection with the assassination of her father, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Sheikh Hasina’s focus lies solely on seeking retribution for her family’s tragedy, rather than governing democratically.

The forthcoming election in 2024 is an opportunity to reshape the nation by ousting Sheikh Hasina’s government from power. The aim of REDOBD is to reclaim Bangladesh from Sheikh Hasina and the Awami League in order to establish a genuine democracy and halt crimes against the nation. The platform advocates for rejecting Sheikh Hasina’s governance and restoring the country to a state of true democracy.